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Learning together is better than learning alone

Why you should teach coding to your students at your school?

Coding at School by NEP

Educationist feels importance of learning a coding at school. New Education Policy 2020 puts weight on making students future ready and develop their modern age skills from very young age.

Modern Skills Development

Students learns Web-Mobile App-Game development, AI & ML & Space Technology through coding along with learning their academic concepts practically & improving soft skills like logical thinking, problem solving, decision making etc.

Better Learning Outcome

Our 3-dimensional teaching/learning methodology results into a 3-dimensional outcome. i.e. improves student’s understanding, analysing & thinking skills of academic concepts, develops technical skills and improves their soft skills.

Best Teachers from India

Instead of relying on local coding teacher, get access to India’s best coding teacher. Students can learn with state-of-art curriculum & learning journeys which is unique to MasterKoder.

Cost-effective for Parents

Most of the parents can’t afford coding courses & personal pc/laptop for it. Learning together in computer labs at school proves to be cost-effective for the parents. World-class coding learning from world- class teacher at minimal fees on MasterKoder: a perfect match for Parents, School & Students.

Improves Brand Value of School

Brand value of your school is what quality of education you imparts in your school. Teaching modern-age skills like coding to your students will improve your brand value of your school resulting into more no. of admissions every year.

Why MasterKoder?

Application-based Learning

Students will learn coding through various activities based on the application of Science, Mathematics, History, Geography, Civics & Economics concepts

Actual Coding

Students will learn the actual coding,making them capable of solving problem and developing solutions

Personalized Learning Journey

Let your students learn the concepts step-by-step in their own personalized way

No-Language Barrier

Our teachers will teach in the language that students are comfortable with

Make your students learn different categories in coding

Game Development
Mobile App Development
Web Development
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
Space Technology

What will be the outcome of learning coding?

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